Your Questions.

What is an Expert Network?


An Expert network is a company that provides access to industry experts, vocational or situational, who can provide insights into a topic of interest.  They exist because many companies and institutions may need specialised knowledge and insights at times outside of their own expertise or employee knowledge base.  The expert network industry today is worth over US $2.2 billion with the first business in the space being founded 25 years ago in the US in 1998. They are effectively a market maker for industry insights that provides a rigorous compliance framework to protect both experts and their clients.

What is an expert consulation?


An Expert consultation is an exchange of insights between an industry expert and a company or institution.  They typically take place over video or over phone and the company engages the industry expert via a line of questioning that’s relevant to some part of the expert's experience. They typically last around one hour and the company pays the expert network who sourced the expert, who in turn, compensates the expert for their time.

Who is an Expert?


An industry expert is anyone who has unique and meaningful insights on a topic, industry or situation. Mistakenly, people often believe these to be exclusively C-Level executives. However, companies look to engage an array of industry experts depending on their focus, ranging from medical professionals to retailers across all industries and seniority.

Who can access NetworksX?


NetworksX services businesses across the globe and provides a range of industry insight solutions to the likes of institutional investors, corporates, management consultancies, market research firms, startups and government organisations.

How does NetworksX ensure Experts match my criteria?


NetworksX will request a brief from our clients specifically on what they are looking for including industry focus, key topics for discussion, timeframe and your current knowledge levels on the topics.  

Upon obtaining these details, the NetworksX research team will formulate a research strategy unique to our clients requirements and then source the relevant experts through a wide range of sourcing techniques.  Upon identifying what we believe the right person to be, we will then conduct pre-qualifying calls with the potential experts focused around the key topics. The resulting information from this pre-qualification is then presented in an expert profile sent to you with comments based around your topics and reasons why we believe this expert to be relevant.

How does the pricing work?


NetworksX operates a Pay-As-You-Go commercial model where clients pay only for the time they spend with the industry experts they consult with.  This fee is based on an hourly rate associated with each expert, which is included in the expert's profile.  There is no fee to start a search, no upfront costs or commitments and no annual retainer to access the service.

How does NetworksX Source Experts?


NetworksX sources industry experts through a variety of sourcing methods including leveraging existing relationships and contacts, events, newsflow and other information that might direct us to a person with meaningful insight on a topic, be it secondary or primary.

A key principle at NetworksX is that we believe that contemporary fresh insights is critical to giving our clients an edge.  We focus on sourcing new and ‘in the now’ insights from experts beyond a traditional network based sourcing model that allow our clients access to relevant and powerful insights to make more informed decisions.

How do I find out more about NetworksX?


Whether you are a frequent user of these services or brand new to this industry and want to learn more, we’d love to hear more from you whatever your query. 

Please get in touch via and one of the team will get in touch.