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Australia’s largest expert network providing on-demand and bespoke expert insights that Fuel Better Decisions.

NetworksX is a modern day research firm headquartered in Australia connecting clients with the human insights and knowledge they require to make decisions.

We believe that the best investment and strategy decisions are driven by compliant human insights powered by tech that both speeds ups the process and captures critical data.

We fuel faster decisions through our unique research methodology.

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Who do we work with.

We work with some of the largest Investment, Consulting and MNC’s across Australia, US, Asia and Europe.

We help our clients conduct more effective due diligence and strategy work through access to bespoke industry experts and their relevant insights.

Our unique commercial model and pay-as-you-go service driven by you is designed to provide accessibility to all levels of users.

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We find the right people faster, so you can maximise your time, effort and money.

What our clients say:

We believe...

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Democratised Access

…that Expert Insights

should be part of the decision making process at all investment and business levels and are dedicated to making insights more accessible.

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Technology is at our Core

…that technology

is, and will continue to be, at the centre to everything we do. Whether it’s in relation to scale, product development or new services, we look at the technology aspects first.

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A Bespoke Focus

…everyone has

a different knowledge gap to fill or hypothesis, and that insight requirements are always  situational.  As such, we focus on relevant custom solutions to our clients knowledge requirements as a priority.

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Be Impact Driven

…in value creation

over anything else. Through providing our clients with insights that have a large positive impact. Through this we will create long lasting relationships and operate as an extension of your team.

Case Studies

Client Requirements

A European based Corporate was doing a research project regarding the cultivation and processing of Seaweed in Northern Europe. Specifically they were looking to understand the value chain steps from farm to retailer, farming economics and the practical feasibility of moving farming offshore.

NetworksX Solution

The project required a customised solution that required the NetworksX research team to break down value chains and identify both key professionals and academics in the space to answer our clients' detailed line of questioning. We connected our client with:

  • Current Managing Director at a major Seaweed Producer in Scandinavia
  • Current COO at a major European Seaweed Processor
  • Current Marine Technology and CUltivation Director at a leading Seaweed Cultivation company.

End Result

After completing several consultations our client completed their research project and has since entered the space through a strategic partnership.

Client Type






Client Requirements

An Investment firm got in touch looking to kick off a new due-diligence project where they wanted to look into digital visualisation in the Real Estate space, specifically within markets where vendors pay for campaigns.

NetworksX Solution

NetworksX researched the key technologies being utilised to showcase homes for sale in the pandemic across the different markets. We spoke to local real estate agents to understand the decision making process of what tech to use in each campaign, how much is driven by the vendor and what technologies they expect to continue in a post-Covid era.

After completing our initial research we suggested that our client speak with experts at the technology companies producing this tech, senior employees at Real Estate head offices and online classifieds experts. We connected them with:

  • Former Director of Sales at a major visualisation provider in Australia
  • National Technology Manager at Australia’s 2nd largest real estate company
  • Head of Sales
  • North America at a Virtual Tour Technology provider

End Result

A total of 8 consultations with experts across the US, Canada, Australia, and Norway across a period of 3 weeks that allowed the client to make a better investment decision.

Client Type

Investment Firm


Real Estate


US, Australia, Europe

Client Requirements

A Global Consulting firm was conducting due-diligence on behalf of an investor looking into acquiring a major infrastructure equipment supplier in Australia.

They needed to conduct 12 expert calls from across the value chain across a 2 week time period and were working with several expert network providers.

NetworksX Solution

NetworksX leveraged a combination of existing relationships, custom research to identify experts that were bespoke to the request and introductions from experts in adjacent industries to source a dozen experts within the 2 weeks. These included:
- Former National Accounts Director at a major provider of equipment
- Procurement Director at one of the major infrastructure construction firms
- National Sales Director at a provider of safety equipment

End Result

After speaking with 6 experts over 7 consultations from across the industry value chain, our client was able to meet the scope of the due-diligence they had been asked to complete resulting in a successful transaction within the Australian Private Equity space.

Client Type

Global Consulting Firm





Client Requirements

A large provider in the Lawn care and treatment space was conducting research to understand the lawn and turf industry in western and central US. They were looking to understand the key player landscape and also get a better knowledge of the scientific and technical elements of lawn care in the region.

NetworksX Solution

NetworksX conducted initial research and found that commercial experts from providers of lawn and turf services were not the right people to answer our clients' specific questions. We shared responses to vetting questions and advised our client that, given their line of questioning, a technical expert with a scientific background either in the education or scientific consulting space would be best suited. Upon looking through some of the feedback they agreed to change the focus.

End Result

On the back of getting our client to shift their focus to a different type of expert we connected them with 5 experts within the university and Agronomist space. The client conducted 6 hours of consultations and were able to get the technical knowledge they needed to complete their analysis on the region.

Client Type



Lawn Care


Western and Central US

Client Requirements

A Public Investment firm was looking to get an update on this stock. They were familiar with the business. The client was looking to understand the company growth potential, direction of the business and the overall future outlook for the company in the US.

NetworksX Solution

Given our clients high level of knowledge with the stock our research team focused on providing access to experts that could provide both a contemporary and fresh perspective of the businesses positioning, as opposed to general sentiment and overarching themes. As such, they focused on sourcing decision makers at customers and former senior executives:

  • Former Account Executive at Procore
  • Former Finance Director at Procore
  • Former Sales Manager at Procore
  • Former Product Manager at Procore
  • Current General Manager at a US based Customer

End Result

After 6 consultations, our client was able to get the information they needed to get a high quality sense check on the company's performance.  They were able to obtain the knowledge they needed to make a better decision on their position.

Client Type

Public Equities





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Leadership Team

CEO & Founder

Tobias Raper

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COO & Co-Founder

Abigail Windsor

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Commercial Director

Matthew Blair

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Head of Software Development

Michael Cafra

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We believe that better research fuels stronger decisions and our people are at the heart of making this happen.

By joining us you will form a critical part of investment and strategic decision making at companies across the globe.

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