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Relevant, fast and bespoke access to leading industry experts to help you make better strategic and investment decisions.
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Fuelling better decisions.

Networksx is a modern day investment and market research services provider.  Australia’s first and largest Expert Network, we help Private Equity firms, Public investors, Management Consultants and Corporates conduct effective due diligence and strategy work through access to industry experts that are bespoke to their needs.

We believe that the best investment decisions are driven by compliant human insights powered by tech that automates processes and captures critical data in fast time.  

We fuel better and faster decisions via our unique research methodology.

We find the right people faster, so you can maximise your time, effort and money.

We custom source from the get-go. We believe that 99% of the time the best expert for you won’t be the same as it was for someone else.
No upfront payments or minimum commitment.  We charge you for the time you spend with our experts, irrespective of the volume you use.
We are researchers at heart.  Through our unique research methodology, we source experts based upon research skills not people search.
A management team with combined experience of over 20 years across expert networks and Private Equity Due diligence.

A continuous pay-as-you-use service driven by you and your bespoke needs to expert insights per project.

Fintech to the Blockchain.

Our expert network connects you with industry experts around the world bespoke to your line of questioning. Whether that is a CEO of a global consumer goods brand, or a store manager at an electronics goods retailers, or a purchasing director at a hospital.

In a world of ever changing trends, science and policies, NetworksX facilitates conversations to deliver powerful insights to support good business decisions. We allow our clients to cut through the noise and have conversation around the knowledge that matters.

A credible and experienced team who understands your needs.

Tobias Raper
Founder and CEO

With over a decade of experience in the Expert Network industry across technology, sales and research, Toby is a leader in the Australian space. Prior to NetworksX, he spent 5 years' leading Third Bridge’s business in APAC. On weekends, Toby can be found on a hockey or cricket pitch or with his young boys running circles around him.

Abigail Windsor
Co-Founder and COO

Abigail has five years’ experience in the Expert Network industry. Previously at Third Bridge, she led execution teams servicing European consulting clients utilising her French and Spanish-speaking abilities. Abigail is a keen ambassador to the fitness industry and on the weekend, can be found searching out a new beach.

Cam Walshe

Cam has over a decade of experience in the Australian investment space having conducted both private and public due diligence processes as both a business owner and investor. Cam sits on the management team as part of Pitch VC’s investment into NetworksX. On weekends, Cam can be found exploring the great Australian outdoors.

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First and only Australian expert network.

We are 100% Australian owned with extensive global experience across The US, Europe and Asia.

Backed by Pitch Venture Capital, our operating model has removed cost barriers to allow greater access to quality industry experts.

What our clients have to say about us.

NetworksX are a breath of fresh air in the space. They maximised my ROI with expert calls both in terms of time and money.

- Consultant, Australian Consulting firm
NetworksX flexibility on pricing with no minimums or up front commitment meant I could have access to expert calls.

- Investment Associate, Australian Venture Capital Firm
They don't rely on easy wins from their database and source experts others can't.  They focus on Quality and not Quantity.

- Portfolio manager, Australian based Global Equities Fund
We had a great two interviews and got exactly what we came for. Amazing Service.

- Strategy Associate, US Corporate

Case Studies.

Clients Requirement
A Global Consulting firm was conducting due-diligence on behalf of an investor looking into acquiring a major infrastructure equipment supplier in Australia.

They needed to conduct 12 expert calls from across the value chain across a 2 week time period and were working with several expert network providers.

NetworksX Solution
NetworksX leveraged a combination of existing relationships, custom research to identify experts that were bespoke to the request and introductions from experts in adjacent industries to source a dozen experts within the 2 weeks.  These included:
- Former National Accounts Director at a major provider of equipment
- Procurement Director at one of the major infrastructure construction firms 
- National Sales Director at a provider of safety equipment

End Result
After speaking with 6 experts over 7 consultations from across the industry value chain, our client was able to meet the scope of the due-diligence they had been asked to complete resulting in a successful transaction within the Australian Private Equity space.

Client Type

Global Consulting Firm





Clients Requirement
A large provider in the Lawn care and treatment space was conducting research to understand the lawn and turf industry in western and central US.  They were looking to understand the key player landscape and also get a better knowledge of the scientific and technical elements of lawn care in the region.

NetworksX Solution
NetworksX conducted initial research and found that commercial experts from providers of lawn and turf services were not the right people to answer our clients' specific questions.  We shared responses to vetting questions and advised our client that, given their line of questioning, a technical expert with a scientific background either in the education or scientific consulting space would be best suited.  Upon looking through some of the feedback they agreed to change the focus.

End Result
On the back of getting our client to shift their focus to a different type of expert we connected them with 5 experts within the university and Agronomist space.  The client conducted 6 hours of consultations and were able to get the technical knowledge they needed to complete their analysis on the region.

Client Type



Lawn Care


Western and Central US

Clients Requirement
An Investment firm got in touch looking to kick off a new due-diligence project where they wanted to look into digital visualisation in the Real Estate space, specifically within markets where vendors pay for campaigns.

NetworksX Solution
NetworksX researched the key technologies being utilised to showcase homes for sale in the pandemic across the different markets.  We spoke to local real estate agents to understand the decision making process of what tech to use in each campaign, how much is driven by the vendor and what technologies they expect to continue in a post-Covid era.

After completing our initial research we suggested that our client speak with experts at the technology companies producing this tech, senior employees at Real Estate head offices and online classifieds experts.  We connected them with:
- Former Director of Sales at a major visualisation provider in Australia
- National Technology Manager at Australia’s 2nd largest real estate company
- Head of Sales - North America at a Virtual Tour Technology provider

End Result
A total of 8 consultations with experts across the US, Canada, Australia, and Norway across a period of 3 weeks that allowed the client to make a better investment decision

Client Type

Investment Firm


Real Estate


US, Australia, Europe

Clients Requirement
We were working with a client who was looking to get a deeper understanding in maritime connectivity solutions.  Having researched the space for a number of years prior to this request, they were looking for experts who could provide an up-to-date and current viewpoint on the technology available, market landscape and future outlook regarding technology development.

NetworksX Solution
NetworksX was able to connect the client with 2 customers within the shipping industry in Asia and the US within 6 hours of project inception.  Following this the client asked us to source experts on 2 additional angles: Purchasing decision makers for  Superyachts and a former executive from one of the key players:
- Head of IT Infrastructure at 1 of the top 5 Global Shipping companies
- Current Captain of a Private Superyacht
- Former Director of US Sales at VSAT communications provider

End Result
Our client conducted 6 consultations with us over 2 weeks which allowed them to meet their consultation goal and complete their market study.

Client Type

Consulting Firm


Maritime Connectivity



Clients Requirement
A US based Consulting firm was working on a market benchmarking and education piece regarding the Australian cleaning equipment space. They were working to a tight deadline of one week and were looking to get a customer's perspective through speaking to experts that make purchasing decisions at large commercial properties (Eg Offices and Shopping Centres).

NetworksX Solution
Through our unique research methodology, the NetworksX team was able to custom source and vet experts that were actively making purchasing decisions and could provide detailed insight around the product offerings of providers.  Some of these experts included:
- Property Manager at the largest Shopping Centre Operators in APAC
- Co-Founder at Commercial cleaning provider with 400 office and industrial contracts
- Operations Manager at a Facilities Services Provider with 200 contracts.

End Result
We were able to source and vet 3 experts within the first 24 hours of the project.  Over the course of the week we connected our client with 7 experts unique to the project requirements that allowed our client to meet the scope of the work they had been engaged to conduct.  What they said: “thanks for all your hard work on this project!   We’ll call you again if we need ANZ help.”

Client Type





Australia + New Zealand