Investor Connect

Many startups don't get investment simply because investors and founders don't know how to find each other.

So we launched Investor Connect, a platform bringing the convenience, deal flow and simplicity around startup investment.
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Kickass results.

"Working with Pitch Networks at the beginning when building Hearsay was instrumental in helping us confirm there was a need for our platform which enabled us to secure seed capital from Skalata Ventures.  

"Pitch Networks has been amazing, the capital raising process has been exactly what we need and the investors we have been able to get connected to are second to none. Fantastic Team.

- Auto Repairs Direct
"Investor Connect has been game changing to my ability to generate consistent and relevant deal flow, matching me with opportunities that fit my mandate, which saves me time and maximises my ROI.

- Investor

Investor Flow


Register your interest in becoming an investor by filling out this form.
Takes 2-5 minutes.


One team will call you to set you up, launch your campaign and upload any documents


Based on your profile we will match you with potential startup profiles and share them with you.


You choose the startups you want to speak with based on their profile

Founders Flow


Complete our online form to arrange a quick meeting to set up your profile on the Investor Connect platform.


We will send you a list of startups/ investors which suit your criteria.  YOU then choose who you speak with.


Provide your availability and we take care of scheduling, calendar invites and conferencing.


Conduct meetings with startups/ investors, if it is a good match continue engaging in your own time.

Investment took Cogniom to the next level.

Cogniom engaged Pitch Networks at the idea stage. The founders were experts in software development and data analytics but had no idea how to grow their own start up and get investment.

"Through their invaluable guidance and advice, we were able to find a key market.  Later after our product had gone live, they even helped us find a few of our very first investors for our pre-seed round."

We don't just put you in front of investors, we will guide you on how to:
- best prepare you startup for investment.
- get investment.
- make the most of your investment.

Your Questions.

What is the cost of the being on the platform?


For Investors, the platform is free.

For startup founders, there is a cost of $500+GST a month. For this you get an uncapped amount of meetings for the month. And a bunch of added extra. Click below. Cancel anytime.

What do I get as part of being on the platform?


A consulting session with one of our team to build your campaign, some advice on your deck (if you have one), a pain free experience (we take care of the scheduling and the interactions with the other party so all you have to do is choose who you want to speak with.

Does Pitch VC invest in startups on the platform?


Absolutely! Johnny Q, head of investment at Pitch VC is actively on the platform meeting with startups to invest in.

I don't know if I am investment ready, what should I do?


If you are unsure if you are investment ready we would recommend you do the Playbook. The Playbook is a presentation where we create a roadmap to get your startup investment ready. If you are interested in doing the Playbook, click here.

How are you different to other platforms?


We take our time to matchmake you, based on your needs and preferences providing a curated service to minimise your investment of time and maximise your return on being part of our community.

What do I need ready to be onboarded onto Investor Connect?


To be onboarded, all you need to do is fill out this form, and we will call you to sort out the rest.

What investment stage can I get investment in?


Our investors will be looking for investment across Pre-seed, Seed, Series A and Series B stages.

The Pitch Ecosystem.

Pitch has created an entire ecosystem to champion the next generation of Aussie startups.

Pitch VC invests millions of dollars into Australian startups.

Pitch Networks has two major platforms;

Expert Network, connecting Investors and Experts and;

Investor Connect, connecting Founders and Investors.

MVP by Pitch builds kick ass tech with no code technology. Saving founders thousands and years of time, to get them traction fast to get investment.

Playbook is an online course to give founders a road map from idea to investment.

Digest by Pitch is an online magazine exploring the Australian startup landscape.

Leadership Team.

Toby Raper

With 8 years experience running APAC for a leading expert network, Toby has an intimate understanding of the Australasian expert network landscape.

Cam Walshe

Over the past 7 years, Cam has been working on making the best model in Australia for supporting early-stage entrepreneurs launch their idea.

Josh Diamond

Josh has 10 years experience covering investment, advisory, contract and corporate law across tech, financial services, consulting and hospitality.

Pitch Ecosystem.

The Pitch Ecosystem is designed to give startup founders and investors a range of services which covers theentire process of startup development from lightbulb to unicorn. This model cannot be found anywhere else.

Investors find Startups, Startups find Investors

A 10 million dollar fundinvesting in startups

A tech agency building no code software and apps

Investors find Experts in every industry

An online course to learn about how to grow your startup

Online Mag exploring the Australian Startup landscape